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Handcrafted Native American Bear Claw, Deer Bone, Turquoise Earrings & Jewelry

Earrings Handcrafted & Designed by a Maine-Native American Micmac Indian

EB04 Bear Claw Earrings

Item No. EB04 $40.00

These Maine Black Bear Claw earrings are made with Sterling Silver beads & findings, 8mm Tiger’s- Eye beads and antigued bone hairpipe. The earrings are 2 inches long.


ETA05 Bear Claw Earrings

Item No. ETA05 $38.00

Hand-cut Maine deer antler disk and inlayed with Kingman turquoise stones with sterling silver beads & findings along with black glass & Kingman turquoise rice beads. The earrings are 3 inches long.


These 2 inch long Native American Indian earrings are made with Maine bear claws, Kingman turquoise beads, black buffalo horn hair pipe with sterling silver beads and French earwire. These Micmac handcrafted Earrings make a great gift to add to your North American Indian Jewelry collection.

bear claw earrings
Item No.EB01 $42.00


This pair of earrings features real Maine bear claws, Kingman turquoise rice beads with sterling silver beads and findings.

bear claw earrings
Item No.EB02 $42.00


This set of 2 1/2 inch long Native American earrings have Maine bear claws and black buffalo horn hairpipe with Sterling silver French earwire and beads.

Indian Earrings
Item No.EB03 $34.00


These earrings features hand-cut Maine deer antler disk with sterling silver and Kingman turquoise beads along with white and black 6mm glass beads and sterling silver findings.

Native American Earrings
Item No.EA01 $26.00


Custom Orders Welcome. Create & design your own Native American Indian jewelry- Necklace, Choker, Key Chain or Wristband. Choose the type, size & color of beads, clasps, hairpipes & ties you like.
Now available; Custom orders for the Native Roots T-Shirts with the Tribal affiliation or the State that you my like. E-mail or call for custom order quotes.

Made in Maine - Crafts & Jewelry Products by Maine's first Native Mainers.

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