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Indian Dreamcatchers, Maine Micmac Native American Dream Catchers

The Legend of the Indian Dream Catchers

Legend has it Dream Catchers were used by many Indian tribes and hung in their lodge to catch all dreams. It is believed dreams are messages from the spirits world. Traditionally the mother will make a small dream catcher to hang above an infant's cradle. During the night the good dreams are allowed to pass through and down the feathers into the child's sleep. The bad dreams are trapped in the web until the morning sunlight burns them away.

The Wabanaki people, before European arrival, made use of nearly every part of the animals they hunted. The parts were used for food, clothing, jewelry, tools, wigwams and for decorating clothing and household items. Many of the items decorated, using material from their environment, served a functional purpose and had special cultural and spiritual significance for the person making or using them.

Keeping with my Micmac cultural tradition, my Dream Catchers are made with natural material that I have collected from the woods and shores of Maine. The hoops are made with a variety of different vines, bows and branches including willow, pine, birch, cedar and ash. The web is made from artificial sinew. The feathers are from wild Maine turkeys, partridges and pheasants. (when possible) The shells are from the beaches and shores around the greater Portland area. Genuine Rabbit fur and deerskin lacing are used on the all-natural hoops.

Native American Machegonne Dream Catcher

Machegonne was the Micmac Indian name for what is now Portland Maine, which means shaped like a great knee. The Micmacs and other Wabanaki Indians have lived in the Portland area for over 8,000 years. The Wabanaki had year round Cod fishing villages in Portland and on the numerous islands In Portland Harbor.

My Machegonne dream catcher has 4 pieces of Rabbit fur symbolizing the 4 Directions and the Medicine Wheel. All of the natural materials used are from the greater Portland area. The shells are from Scarborough beach near an ancient 8,000 year old Wabanaki village. The wild turkey feathers are from my own back yard.

It is my belief my dream catcher symbolizes the spirits of the ancient ones who can speak to us through our dreams and watch over us while we sleep.

This Micmac Indian Dream Catcher would make a great gift to add to your Native American Indian crafts collection.

Native American dream catchers
Dream Catcher is 12"+ across
Item No. DC01 $75.00


Indian dream catchers
Small Dream Catcher is 8"+ across
Item No. DC02 $45.00


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