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Native American Music, Micmac CDs

Traditional Voices from the Eastern Door
Produced and Recorded By James Augustine @ Spirit Thunder Studio.

Traditional Voices from the Eastern Door CD - Front Cover
Traditional Voices from the Eastern Door CD - Back Cover

Item No. TV01 $18.00

A must have CD for Micmacs and people with Micmac heritage. A great CD for anyone who would like to know and help understand some of the traditions, ceremony and songs of the Micmac people & culture.


Ancestral Fire Honouring Who We Are
Vocals: J Hubert Francis - Donna Augustine; Thunder Bird Turtle - Jim Augustine

Ancestral Fire Honouring Who We Are CD - Front Cover
Ancestral Fire Honouring Who We Are CD - Back Cover

Item No. AF02 $18.00

The Ancestral Fire CD is another must have Micmac Native American CD with great Mi’k-Mag songs and music with lots of spirit.


Kenneth Little Hawk
In a Good Way CD

Kenneth Little Hawk - In a Good Way CD

Item No. KLH01 $18.00

Native American STORIES Of Respect For All Living Things
[Nominated by Native American Music Awards for Best Spoken Word.]

"What Little Hawk has to teach is exactly what the USA needs to learn."
Pete Seeger, Folk Singer, Environmentalist

Stories from the heart of Little Hawk that teach and entertain "In a Good Way." Little Hawk hopes to leave people with the knowledge that they can make choices to live in harmony with one another and the environment. He encourages children to give their hearts lots of chances to be good.

Musical Instruments: Flutes, eagle-bone whistle, horns (conch shell, bark trumpet), rattles (deer toes, bark, shells, nuts), rain sticks. Percussion (hand drums, turtle shell drum, gourd drum, river rocks)

For the children we were;
For the children still in us;
For the children now;
And for the children yet to come.

Native American Heritage: Mi'kmaq, Mohawk


Kenneth Little Hawk
The Great Mystery CD

Kenneth Little Hawk - The Great Mystery CD

Item No. KLH02 $18.00

Prayers of Peace - Native American music for meditation - We Are All Related
© 2001 Kenneth W. Miller

The Great Mystery
"The Gods are singing! You connect me to the soul of the earth when I listen to your music." Dana Alexander, Holistic Health Educator, Vibrational Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Psychic.

"I am mesmerized by the musical qualities of Kenneth Little Hawk's artistry. It is a gift from The Spirits to listen to his amazing gifts!" E. Barrie Kavasch (American/Southern Cherokee/Creek/Powhatan), author, illustrator, ethnobotanist, ethnomycologist, master herbalist, food historian.

Native American flute music for meditation and prayers of peace. Dedicated to the Peacemakers.

Little Hawk's Prayer:
"Oh Great Spirit, Come Live In My Heart. Give love and contentment to the children. Give health and long life to our elders so they may remain with us for a long time. And to all life give peace and love. As long as the sun shines and the water falls, may you always be happy."


Kenneth Little Hawk
In A Very Real Way CD

Kenneth Little Hawk - In A Very Real Way CD

Item No. KLH03 $18.00

Compelling, contemporary Native American music
© 2001 Kenneth W. Miller

"In A Very Real Way"
"From the haunting flute melodies that leave you breathless to the intricate rhythm patterns that keep your feet tapping, this CD is a total package of enjoyment."
George "Circling Eagle" Tooks, Black Cherokee

A sharing of the wisdom of the ancestors: Prayer, music, spoken word, lyrics that teach and entertain.

Song Notes:
Giving thanks each day to those who taught us important lessons for living and who have been our spiritual advisors and guides is the very least we can do for all they have given us. We are the continuity of those Elders preparing to enter into the Ancestors' Circle--"In A Very Real Way."

"We seek strength, not to be greater than our brothers and sisters, but to fight our greatest enemy, ourselves."
Traditional Native American prayer.

"If the truth were told 500 years ago, so much today we would not have to say what comes from our mouths to the young of our nation, so plain we see, has carried over to The Seventh Generation."

"Little boys and little girls, this is the only world we've got and You Can't Grow Food On a Parking Lot


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