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Maine Indian Jewelry Artist - Robert Norell

All of our Jewelry and crafts are authentic hand-made by Native Maine artist and craftsman, Robert Norell of Scarborough and is of MicMac heritage. He was born in northern Maine in the town of Caribou and raised by the Norell's in a foster home and was given their name. After 20 years of searching Robert found and traced his Micmac family back to Restigouche, a MicMac reserve in the Province of Quebec on the border of New Brunswick where his ancestors have lived for thousands of years.

He takes great pride in his heritage by sharing his knowledge of the culture and history through school presentations, interviews, and news articles. Robert hopes to bring more awareness and understanding to others of the Wabanaki and MicMac heritage through his art, crafts and storytelling. Robert is known for his abilities of creating quality handmade products from natural materials keeping with the tradition of his cultural. He uses a variety of animals parts including bones, claws, antlers, feathers, teeth, hides and porcupine quills, all from Maine when possible. When using the animal parts in his crafts and jewelry the animal's manitou (among the Wabanaki Indians) is preserved forever.